I use guided somatic meditation

and heart-based breathwork

for releasing pain, opening to bliss 

and expanding sensitivity and awareness.

Sessions are equally transformative when experienced in person,

by phone and online.



A reimagining of sangha.

Sacred circle for sharing practical spiritual wisdom and tools for the transformation of consciousness.

- October 2020 - 


Somatic meditation embraces all of our being -- mind, body and spirit.

We journey within by meditating with our cells, tissues, organs, systems, sensations, emotions, and our actual human experience --

making room for everything. 

In meditating this way, we tune into our sacred temple of living wisdom to release pain and limitation and expand our capacity to sense, love, know, be, and share the precious gift of who we truly are.


I am a certified hypnotherapist, life coach and somatic meditation guide. My myriad passions include Jungian shadow work, the physics of consciousness, and bliss practice.

It has taken many years, bumps and bruises 

to find my way here. 

After decades of trauma and two near-death experiences, I sought refuge in 

the people and wilderness of the Himalayas

to begin healing my many wounds

The ancient teachings and practices I discovered there have become the foundation of my life's work.

It is my great honor and joy

to share what I have learned with


Connect with me to learn more.



"Catharine's openness, non-judgmental attitude, personal experience with and intellectual knowledge of her subject, plus her wisdom brought such depth to my experience... Catharine's spirit simply emanates genuine love, compassion, and wisdom."

"Catharine is an exceptional facilitator and a deeply compassionate and wise person."

"Catharine is a lovely, generous soul and truly an inspiring teacher."

"Aside from just a delightful person, Catharine is a gifted teacher and listener."

"Catherine is a deep and powerful teacher. You'll benefit greatly from working with her."

"Catharine is a true healer. I was able to let go of stress and feel a difference in my body from the first class."

"I thought meditation was just about being peaceful, but from the first class, I started to see how much I had been shutting out my body. I felt pain in my back that I realized has been there for years, but I've somehow been ignoring it all this time. Now I'm feeling the pain and tension in my body and letting it go."

"The practices are teaching me how to

feel to heal."

"Catharine helped me find my way through my food addiction, and now my confidence is up and my health is improving. My doctor asked me what I've been doing differently, and said to keep doing it."   

"I didn't realize how disconnected I was from my body until I started paying attention to it...I never knew I could get rid of the pain I've been dealing with without taking pills. I'm in my 60's and I feel like a kid again."  


"Since I started working with Catharine, my dreams have been showing me what I need to let go of to be happy and healthy. After all these years of holding on, I feel like I'm finally ready."

"I'm a lifetime meditator and I've NEVER experienced that before. My senses came alive in a way I've never known."

"I've had fewer migraines than ever since I started doing somatic meditation. For the first time in my life, I can imagine a future without them." 

"I used to be depressed and had insomnia and terrible fatigue. I've been doing the practices every day or every other day, and now I can barely remember what it was like to have depression, I have almost too much energy, and I sleep GREAT!"

"I used to think about suicide. Since I started meditating, everything in my life has been changing. I'm reconnecting with my family, I've started forgiving myself and others, and for the first time I feel like my life actually matters."


"So many amazing things have been happening to me since I started doing somatic meditation with Catharine that I got a journal to keep track."

"Somatic meditation is different from other kinds of meditation I have practiced. I was always trying to still or tame or forget the mind, and always forgetting my body. By doing the practices, I am becoming more aware of the present moment and more awake to my life."

"I've taken Catharine's class 3 times and each has been better than the previous...

Catharine does great meditations which include the somatic (feeling) sense as well as the cognitive senses. It seems almost like hypnotic yoga which is quite effective and showcases Catharine's best talent for this work. It's a very unique body and head work which we are

lucky to have."

"Catharine helps us process the material she devotedly presents by following each learning group session with a group email containing her notes, the meditation used, and sometimes other supplemental information. What a

wonderful resource!" 

"Catharine has an amazing presence. She has such a loving and open heart, is such a good listener, clearly values and respects each of her students, and is so heartfelt and sincere. What a privilege to be in such an atmosphere for an hour and a half. That in itself is enriching, and then add to it the discussions and the meditations she leads us through and you have a truly transformational experience."

"Catharine is an excellent teacher who is a model of someone being on the Bodhicitta path. She brings her own interpretation of the practices..and lets participants discuss and question ideas and thoughts that arise during and outside of class." 

"This is a much better class than expected. Interesting...Catharine is enthusiastic and includes the class in the discussion as well. Looking forward to part 2."

"This class and these practices are the best chance for me to live a happy life."

"So many dots are connecting since I started taking these classes. I've been studying the mind-body connection and now I'm experiencing the things I've been reading about. I wish everyone knew about this."

"I feel more in tune with my body and expansion of spiritual endeavors. Catharine is forthright and adds her own talents and experience to leaders in the field. She is also very generous with her time and resources. I am looking forward to continuing learning with her guidance."

"Catharine has changed my life. I feel like I'm just beginning to learn about who I really am...

I feel like a kid again."

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